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Eheringe mit Hammerschlag und geschwärzt in Mokume Technik
Wedding rings black | blackened | mokume gane |...
Black wedding rings | Long in trend | Now also in Mokume Gane As an answer to a multitude of black materials such as carbon, tantalum, or ceramic, we have developed a pair of wedding rings based on our wedding ring model Iroko, in which...
From €2,420.00 *
Wedding Rings made from scrap gold | Family Gold | Sample 3
Wedding Rings made from scrap gold | Family...
Have your wedding rings made from your old gold, or even better, from your family gold. This is a particularly beautiful tradition in which the precious metal from inherited jewellery or jewellery given by parents and relatives is used...
€2,500.00 *

Extraordinary wedding rings with special surface structures

The trend towards unusual wedding rings will continue in 2022. Brides and grooms continue to attach increasing importance to wedding rings that stand out from the crowd. Likewise, natural-looking surfaces and structures are the focus of the wedding ring selection. The Gerstner company from Pforzheim can also inspire here with a whole range of unusual and fascinating surfaces. An example of Gerstner wedding rings with extraordinary surfacek are the rings shown here with a "raw pattern" surface. These, like most other exceptional wedding rings from Gertsner, are available in the precious metals yellow gold and white gold.

Eheringe mit außergewöhnlicher Oberfläche von Gertsner

You can find the complete overview of extraordinary wedding rings by Gerstner here in our webshop and in our wedding ring studio in Beilstein.

Individual production of wedding rings from old gold or family gold

Customized wedding rings are also very popular with bridal couples who are looking for something special. As a goldsmith's studio, we have therefore made it our business to realize almost every wish of our bridal couples. Thus, we have created a whole series of individual wedding rings, which we have made from old gold brought in by the bride and groom, or from family gold of the bride and groom. Especially the production of wedding rings from family gold has a very special charm. Often the wedding rings of grandparents, or even the parents, can find their place in the new rings.As a very individual wedding rings every individual wedding rings production also create beautiful unique pieces.

Eheringe Anfertigung aus Altgold und Familiengold

Above picture shows only one of a variety of possibilities, how individually made wedding rings from family gold or scrap gold can look like.


Fancy wedding rings in the Japanese forging technique Mokume Gane

Very special wedding rings are rings made in the Japanese forging technique Mokume Gane. The production of unusual Mokume Gane wedding rings is the very special hobbyhorse and highlight of goldsmith Markus Wiesner. These rings also reflect the trend towards individuality, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in the selection of wedding rings. The handcrafted forging process and the selection of patterns and various precious metals by the bride and groom, let again and again quite unusual patterns in the wedding rings. Fancy wedding rings, made in Mokume Gane technique

Ausgefallene Eheringe, angefertigt in Mokume Gane Technik

Above picture shows one of our basic patterns, the wedding rings Tornillo. A very fancy pair of wedding rings in three different precious metals.


Special wedding rings with astrological reference - zodiac rings

Bridal couples who are looking for special wedding rings, for example with an astrological reference, often find great enthusiasm for the zodiac rings in our collection. The personal zodiac signs of the bride and groom make these wedding rings something very special and individual. Especially the reduced representation of the zodiac signs, namely in the form of the constellations as we see them in the sky at night, make for special wedding rings. The basic design remains simple. The precious metals that can be used here are yellow gold and white gold, as well as platinum and palladium. The special thing about these wedding rings is also that for each star in the constellation a small diamond in brilliant cut is incorporated. The basis of these special wedding rings are the zodiac rings of our series "Zodiac Jewelry". Special wedding rings with zodiac sign Leo and Gemini

Besondere Eheringe mit Sternzeichen Stier und Zwilling

We have already reported about the above pair of special wedding rings with zodiac sign Gemini and Leo in our workshop news


Extravagant wedding rings with engraving in elvish writing

This pair could also be described as extravagant wedding rings. The bridal couple had the wish to have a pair of plain wedding rings with an individual saying in elven writing. Together with our engraver, we were able to fulfill this extravagant wedding ring wish. What is hidden behind the writing, probably only the bride and groom themselves know. Wedding rings with extravagant elf writing

Trauringe mit extravaganter Elbenschrift



Absolutely unique wedding rings with inlaid old wedding rings

Whether it is for a silver wedding, or for a wedding, the desire for unique wedding rings brings forth many a beautiful idea, which we are happy to implement. Whether it is Mokume Gane wedding rings, or classic wedding rings, existing "old" rings can be integrated into the new rings by fitting and inlaying. Also in this way, absolutely unique wedding rings are created, as they do not exist a second time. In many cases, the original engraving can be preserved. Unique wedding rings with integrated old rings

Unikat Trauringe mit eingearbeiteten alten Ringen