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"Damascus steel", also known as "Damascus", is a unique material produced by a fire-welded and multiple folded layering of steel. This technique has a long history and was already used by Celts to give their swords a special pattern. The goal of Damascus steel was to combine the advantages of hard and soft steels to create the perfect material for weapons and tools. Damascus steel is flexible as well as tough and hard, and its excellent durability allows damascus blades to be used for several generations. Damascus steel is thus a technical and aesthetic delight, with its special properties and unique aesthetics.

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Damascus steel knife as kitchen knife - ladder damascus, nickel silver, staked beech, K63
Damascus steel kitchen knife
Damascus steel kitchen knife made of ladder damascus, nickel silver and stoked beech If you really want to make a difference in the kitchen, you know that a good knife is indispensable. Especially when it comes to cutting meat,...
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