Mokume Gane wedding rings - truly unique

Wedding rings accompany you for a lifetime. They should therefore be an expression of your personal taste and a reflection of your love. At Wiesner Wedding Rings you can get hand forged Mokume Gane rings as well as many classic wedding rings. The Mokume Gane wedding rings stand out through their special design. Their wood-like structure clearly distinguishes them from the classic white gold and yellow gold wedding rings and ensures a high recognition value. Our Mokume Gane wedding rings are handmade by master goldsmith Markus Wiesner in our own workshop. The basis is a centuries-old forging technique from faraway Japan.

Mokume Gane wedding rings are designed according to your wishes

You can have your Mokume Gane wedding rings designed by us according to your wishes. Decide for yourself how many layers you want your rings to show and how much each individual layer will appear. Mokume Gane wedding rings can also be elegantly finished with fine lines of diamonds, which further emphasize the unique pattern.

For the Mokume Gane we combine different precious metals

For your Mokume Gane rings we weld different precious metals together to create the unmistakable pattern of the rings. Besides yellow gold and red gold, silver and palladium are also used. Seize the opportunity and choose a masterpiece with a unique character by choosing an extraordinary ring.

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner forges individual wedding rings in the Mokume Gane technique. Characteristic for the wedding rings in Mokume Gane are their wood-like structures. Due to the handcrafted forging process in our goldsmith's workshop, wedding rings made in this centuries-old Japanese forging technique have an incomparable unique character. In addition, you decide which patterns, colors, layer thickness and number of layers you would like to have. We wish you a lot of joy while browsing through our wedding ring samples.

Many greetings from the goldsmiths.

Markus and Michael von Wiesner wedding rings