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Markus Wiesner | Master goldsmith and silversmith

  • Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married, 1 child
  • 1990-1992 Vocational school for goldsmiths in Pforzheim
  • 1993-1994 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Apprenticeship as a goldsmith
  • 1995-1998 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach journeyman position
  • 1999-2000 Master school at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim | graduation as master goldsmith and silversmith
  • since 2001 Self-employed in the family business Goldschmiede Wiesner OHG
  • 2006 Mokume Gane course in Pforzheim
  • 2008 Damascus steel course with Fred Schmalz in Knetzgau
  • 2010 Mokume Gane Happening at Ravstedhus in Denmark

Mokume Gane wedding rings from passion

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, is one of two owners of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" and has been making Mokume Gane wedding rings and jewelry with enthusiasm and passion since 2006.

In doing so, Markus Wiesner has basically dedicated himself to the classical forging technique in the endless process. These Mokume Gane wedding rings, which are forged without a seam or butt joint, symbolize the unforgettable nature of love in a unique way.

The fact that the Mokume Gane wedding rings of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" are offered in each case also with butt joint, serves only to make aware that there are differences in the quality. Since some offerers of these wedding rings manufacture and offer these with butt joint, and this is not always immediately obvious, the price however clearly more favorably precipitates, we place this in our presentation directly opposite.

The second owner of "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede" is Michael Wiesner. As a trained businessman and business economist (VWA), he fills the area of photography, web design, product ideas and presentation, and marketing. In the area of idea generation, the collections of zodiac rings (2001) and mama rings (2004) are to his credit. He is also responsible for the discovery of the Mokume Gane technique as an interesting forging art for "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede".

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Sternzeichen Ring Fische in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Pisces with diamonds
The zodiac sign ring Pisces | Beautiful accessory with sparkling diamonds! Available in silver, white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The handmade zodiac sign ring Pisces is a great must-have that attracts many admiring glances. A...
From €1,230.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Fische in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Pisces with diamonds
With the beautiful zodiacal pendant Pisces you add a particularly timeless piece of jewellery to your collection. A pendant in timeless elegance Already in ancient times the signs of the zodiac had a great significance for many people,...
From €345.00 *
Maniu Mokume Gane Wedding Rings Bicolor
Maniu Mokume Gane wedding rings
Maniu Mokume Gane Pattern Wedding Rings Almost like the Iroko wedding rings, the Maniu rings seem to look the same. While the basic pattern of this pair of rings is similar, Manui Mokume Gane wedding rings have many more layers,...
Sternzeichen Ring Jungfrau in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Virgo with diamonds
With the unique zodiac sign ring Virgo you will attract many admiring glances! Bring the sparkling stars from the sky ... The zodiac sign Virgo is characterized by good adaptability and wise foresight. With a zodiac sign ring you can...
From €1,230.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Jungfrau in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Virgo with diamonds
The zodiac pendant Virgin looks elegant and sparkles with the glow of your eyes. Timeless elegance for all occasions No matter whether modern or traditional - jewellery with the own sign of the zodiac has enjoyed great popularity for...
From €345.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Krebs in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Cancer with diamonds
The beautiful zodiac sign ring Cancer is a gift of the extra class, which you can also personalize! Tasteful zodiac sign jewellery Are you looking for a personal gift that makes the heart of a loved one beat faster? Then our zodiac sign...
From €1,080.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Krebs in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Cancer with diamonds
The delightful zodiac pendant cancer is in every respect an absolute highlight. Wear your own zodiac sign with pride People born under the zodiac sign of cancer are considered to be particularly empathetic, sensitive and caring. Once...
From €198.00 *
Seraya Mokume Gane Ringe Platin Gelbgold
Seraya Wedding Rings | Mokume Gane | Platinum Yellow Gold
Rings in Seraya Mokume Gane A composition that could not be more challenging for the master goldsmith. The high strength and temperature resistance of platinum seek their contrast in the supple soft gold.Once joined together and...
Sternzeichen Ring Löwe | In Silber gefasste Diamanten
Zodiac ring Leo with diamonds
The gorgeous zodiac sign ring Leo offers you a pleasant wearing experience! An extravagant piece of jewellery for the strong Leo People with the zodiac sign Leo attach great importance to the development of their personality and are...
From €1,250.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Löwe in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Leo with diamonds
The zodiac sign pendant Leo is a real eye-catcher and makes you a fashionable trendsetter when it comes to jewellery. Elegant, timeless and easy to combine Calm, confident and optimistic - that's what the stars say about the character...
From €362.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Schütze in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Sagittarius with diamonds
Show everyone with the Zodiac Ring Sagittarius that you are an optimistic person! A radiant piece of jewellery for cheerful shooters Social commitment and an optimistic view of life are the positive characteristics of a shooter as well...
From €1,150.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Schütze in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds
This sparkling zodiac pendant is made for all who are born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds Special pieces of jewelry are for eternity. Our enchanting zodiac pendants are among the accessories...
From €379.00 *
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