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Markus Wiesner | Master goldsmith and silversmith

  • Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married, 1 child
  • 1990-1992 Vocational school for goldsmiths in Pforzheim
  • 1993-1994 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Apprenticeship as a goldsmith
  • 1995-1998 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach journeyman position
  • 1999-2000 Master school at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim | graduation as master goldsmith and silversmith
  • since 2001 Self-employed in the family business Goldschmiede Wiesner OHG
  • 2006 Mokume Gane course in Pforzheim
  • 2008 Damascus steel course with Fred Schmalz in Knetzgau
  • 2010 Mokume Gane Happening at Ravstedhus in Denmark

Mokume Gane wedding rings from passion

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, is one of two owners of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" and has been making Mokume Gane wedding rings and jewelry with enthusiasm and passion since 2006.

In doing so, Markus Wiesner has basically dedicated himself to the classical forging technique in the endless process. These Mokume Gane wedding rings, which are forged without a seam or butt joint, symbolize the unforgettable nature of love in a unique way.

The fact that the Mokume Gane wedding rings of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" are offered in each case also with butt joint, serves only to make aware that there are differences in the quality. Since some offerers of these wedding rings manufacture and offer these with butt joint, and this is not always immediately obvious, the price however clearly more favorably precipitates, we place this in our presentation directly opposite.

The second owner of "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede" is Michael Wiesner. As a trained businessman and business economist (VWA), he fills the area of photography, web design, product ideas and presentation, and marketing. In the area of idea generation, the collections of zodiac rings (2001) and mama rings (2004) are to his credit. He is also responsible for the discovery of the Mokume Gane technique as an interesting forging art for "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede".

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Sternzeichen Ring Fische in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Pisces with diamonds
The zodiac sign ring Pisces | Beautiful accessory with sparkling diamonds! Available in silver, white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The handmade zodiac sign ring Pisces is a great must-have that attracts many admiring glances. A...
From €121.00 *
Ein Paar Mokume Gane Trauringe Faro mit Diamantlinien
Mokume Gane Wedding Rings Faro | Palladium Silber
Hand-forged Mokume Gane unique pieces by master goldsmith Markus Wiesner. The Mokume Gane Faro wedding rings combine the two precious metals palladium and silver in a wonderfully gentle way. Especially for lovers of white tones, these...
From €2,730.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Fische in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Pisces with diamonds
With the beautiful zodiacal pendant Pisces you add a particularly timeless piece of jewellery to your collection. A pendant in timeless elegance Already in ancient times the signs of the zodiac had a great significance for many people,...
From €345.00 *
Mokume Gane Trauringe Jaboty in Gelbgold Rotgold, Palladium und Silber mit lupenreinen Diamanten
Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT17
Mokume Gane wedding rings Jaboty - In yellow gold, red gold, palladium and silver, seamlessly forged. A fairytale pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings, unique in its colourful appearance. Through a very special composition of the precious...
€2,920.00 *
Mokume Gane wedding rings Limba in yellow gold, palladium and silver with flawless diamonds
Wedding Rings Limba | Mokume Gane | Yellow Gold...
Limba Mokume Gane wedding rings in 3 precious metals The Limba wedding rings, forged in the Mokume Gane technique by master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, are made of the precious metals yellow gold, palladium and silver. The surfaces of both...
From €2,690.00 *
Freshly forged!
Mokume Gane Trauringe Iroko in Palladium und Silber
Iroko Mokume Gane Wedding Rings
Mokume Gane wedding rings Iroko | The classic wood structure The Mokume Gane wedding rings Iroko with their beautiful grain form one of the most beautiful and classic patterns of the Mokume Gane. The 19 layers of welded precious metals...
€1,980.00 *
Freshly forged!
Maniu Mokume Gane Wedding Rings Palladium Silver
Maniu Mokume Gane wedding rings
Maniu Mokume Gane Pattern Wedding Rings Almost like the Iroko wedding rings, the Maniu rings seem to look the same. While the basic pattern of this pair of rings is similar, Manui Mokume Gane wedding rings have many more layers,...
€2,235.00 *
Wedding rings made in Tornillo Mokume Gane
Wedding Rings Tornillo | Mokume Gane | Yellow...
Uniquely wild - The Tornillo Mokume Gane wedding rings. The design of the Tornillo rings is somewhat reminiscent of the wild lines of a heartbeat diagram. The special arrangement of the precious metals creates a pattern that can hardly...
€2,760.00 *
Mokume Gane Trauringe Jacaranda in Gelbgold, Rotgold, Palladium und Silber
Wedding Rings Jacaranda | Mokume Gane | Yellow...
Die Mokume Gane Trauringe Jacaranda erhalten durch ihre ganz besondere Kombination von Farben und Linienstärken einen ganz wundervoll kräftigen Kontrast. Die Edelmetalle Gelbgold, Rotgold, Palladium und Silber lassen nur in dieser von...
From €2,640.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Jungfrau in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Virgo with diamonds
With the unique zodiac sign ring Virgo you will attract many admiring glances! Bring the sparkling stars from the sky ... The zodiac sign Virgo is characterized by good adaptability and wise foresight. With a zodiac sign ring you can...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Jungfrau in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Virgo with diamonds
The zodiac pendant Virgin looks elegant and sparkles with the glow of your eyes. Timeless elegance for all occasions No matter whether modern or traditional - jewellery with the own sign of the zodiac has enjoyed great popularity for...
From €345.00 *
Mokume Gane wedding rings Cedar in rose gold, palladium and silver
Wedding Rings Cedar Mokume Gane Palladium...
Mokume Gane wedding rings with simple Beiring The Mokume Gane wedding rings Cedar play elegantly with the contrast between the lively structures of the Mokume Gane and a simple sideliner in red gold. The simple element can also be...
From €2,550.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Krebs in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Cancer with diamonds
The beautiful zodiac sign ring Cancer is a gift of the extra class, which you can also personalize! Tasteful zodiac sign jewellery Are you looking for a personal gift that makes the heart of a loved one beat faster? Then our zodiac sign...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Krebs in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Cancer with diamonds
The delightful zodiac pendant cancer is in every respect an absolute highlight. Wear your own zodiac sign with pride People born under the zodiac sign of cancer are considered to be particularly empathetic, sensitive and caring. Once...
From €198.00 *
Mokume Gane Trauringe Eyong in Gelbgold, Palladium und Silber mit lupenreinen Diamanten
Wedding Rings Eyong | Mokume Gane | Gelbgold...
Die Mokume Gane Trauringe Eyong spielen elegant mit dem Kontrast zwischen den lebendigen Strukturen der Mokume Gane und einem schlichtem Sideliner in Palladium und Gelbgold. Das schlichte Element ist ebenso auch mit Palladium/Rotgold,...
From €3,170.00 *
Seraya Mokume Gane Trauringe von Goldschmiedemeister Markus Wiesner
Seraya Wedding Rings | Mokume Gane | Platinum...
Eine Komposition, wie sie für den Goldschmiedemeister nicht herausfordernder sein könnte. Die hohe Festigkeit und Temperaturbeständigkeit des Platin suchen ihren Gegensatz im geschmeidigen weichen Gold.Erst einmal miteinander verbunden...
From €5,620.00 *
Mokume Gane Trauringe Abarco in Gelbgold, Rotgold, Palladium und Silber
Wedding Rings Abarco | Mokume Gane | Yellow...
Mokume Gane Trauringe in vier Farben vermitteln warmen Ton. Die Mokume Trauringe Abarco vereinen auf ganz harmonische Art und Weise vier verschiedene Edelmetalle in ihrer Struktur. Das Rotgold, welches sich oft sehr dominant in Ringen...
€2,870.00 *
Abura Mokume Gane Forged Wedding Rings with Diamonds
Wedding Rings Abura | Mokume Gane | Gelbgold...
Abura, Mokume Gane Trauringe mit kräftigem Farbton Die Mokume Gane Trauringe Abura werden durchgehend aus 750/000 Gold gefertigt werden. 19 Schichten Gelbgold und Weißgold fließen dabei harmonisch ineinander. Exklusiv in der Wahl der...
From €3,570.00 *
Mokume Gane wedding rings Garapa in yellow gold, palladium, rose gold and silver
Wedding Rings Garapa | Mokume Gane | yellow...
Mokume Gane wedding rings Garapa - hand forged by Markus Wiesner A wonderful pair of unique wedding rings, hand forged in the Japanese forging technique Mokume Gane. The Garapa pattern, which is named after a type of wood from South...
From €2,600.00 *
Trauringe Jabin in Mokume Gane Gelbgold, Rotgold, Silber, 6 mm breit
Wedding Rings Jabin | Mokume Gane | Gelbgold...
Die Mokume Gane Trauringe Jabin zeigen aufgrund der 39 dünnen Schichten ein sehr feines Strukturbild. Die Kombination von Gelbgold/750, Palladium/500 und Silber/925, welche abwechselnd miteinander verschweißt werden, entwickelt einen...
From €2,450.00 *
Sternzeichenring Löwe in Gelbgold 585
Zodiac ring Leo with diamonds
The gorgeous zodiac sign ring Leo offers you a pleasant wearing experience! An extravagant piece of jewellery for the strong Leo People with the zodiac sign Leo attach great importance to the development of their personality and are...
From €121.00 *
Mokume Gane Trauringe Faro mit Gelbgold, Palladium, Silber und Diamant
Wedding Rings Faro | Mokume Gane | Gelbgold...
Palladium 500 | Gelbgold 750 | Silber 925 Diamanten sind im Grundpreis nicht enthalten | Bitte im Konfigurator auswählen fugenlose Ringe |Wir schmieden ausschließlich Ringe mit fugenlos umlaufendem Muster. Endlos - gerade bei Trauringen...
From €2,730.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Löwe in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Leo with diamonds
The zodiac sign pendant Leo is a real eye-catcher and makes you a fashionable trendsetter when it comes to jewellery. Elegant, timeless and easy to combine Calm, confident and optimistic - that's what the stars say about the character...
From €362.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Schütze in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Sagittarius with diamonds
Show everyone with the Zodiac Ring Sagittarius that you are an optimistic person! A radiant piece of jewellery for cheerful shooters Social commitment and an optimistic view of life are the positive characteristics of a shooter as well...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Schütze in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds
This sparkling zodiac pendant is made for all who are born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds Special pieces of jewelry are for eternity. Our enchanting zodiac pendants are among the accessories...
From €379.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Skorpion in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Scorpio with diamonds
The zodiac sign ring Scorpio inspires you with an extraordinary design and absolute perfection! Great ring in silver, gold or platinum With this beautiful piece of jewellery you always carry your constellation with you. Small diamonds...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Skorpion in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Scorpio with diamonds
Discover the beautiful zodiac pendant Scorpio and shine with him in a race. An elegant pendant with necklace and hidden eyelet The zodiacal jewellery from our lovingly designed collection is made for all those who prefer simple elegance...
From €362.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Steinbock in Silber, Gold oder Platin mit Diamanten
Zodiac ring Capricorn with diamonds
Present the extravagant star sign ring Capricorn with sparkling diamonds! Responsible and disciplined Capricorn The horoscope describes the constellation Capricorn as responsible and disciplined. This constellation is said to love clear...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Steinbock in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Capricorn with diamonds
The zodiac pendant Capricorn from our special collection is made for all who love sparkling diamonds. High quality zodiac sign jewellery for special demands Those who celebrate their birthday between 22 December and 20 January wear the...
From €310.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Stier in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring taurus with diamonds
A fantastic piece of jewellery for all those who were born under the sign of Taurus. The noble zodiac sign ring Taurus from our goldsmiths. Rings are a gift for eternity and should therefore fit the wearer perfectly. Our zodiac sign ring...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Stier in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Taurus with diamonds
The exclusive zodiac pendant Taurus completes each of your outfits. A small highlight, which is unique Pendants and rings with the own sign of the zodiac are very popular. Especially when they are as exclusive as our zodiac pendant bull,...
From €328.00 *
Sternzeichenring Waage in gelbgold 585
Zodiac ring Libra with diamonds
An impressive zodiac ring Libra with shining gemstones! Extravagant eye-catcher made of precious metal Assertive and spontaneous - this is how people of the zodiac sign Libra are often described. There is the eye-catching zodiac sign...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Skorpion in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Libra with diamonds
With the sparkling zodiac pendant scales you are guaranteed to draw all eyes to you! A unique piece of jewellery, which underlines your personality Balanced, charming and a little vain - people born under the zodiac sign of Libra know...
From €259.00 *
Sternzeichen Wassermann Ring mit Diamanten in Silber oder Platin
Zodiac ring aquarius with diamonds
Be enchanted by the sparkling diamonds of our unique zodiac sign rings! Our elegant zodiac sign ring Aquarius People born under the sign of Aquarius are considered creative, charismatic and resourceful. They love freedom and never stop...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Wassermann Anhänger mit Diamanten in Silber oder Platin
Zodiac pendant Aquarius with diamonds
The zodiac pendant Aquarius can be combined wonderfully with all clothes and is a real eye-catcher. Set fashion trends with the pendant Whether in the office, at a festive occasion or in your leisure time - the right look is important in...
From €362.00 *
Ring Widder mit Diamanten | Sternzeichen in Platin oder Silber
Zodiac ring aries with diamonds
Noble as the sparkling constellations in the sky: Let yourself be enchanted by our zodiac sign ring Aries! The suitable ring for all those born under the sign of Aries Aries are future-oriented, have great assertiveness and always act...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Widder mit Brillanten
Zodiac pendant Aries with diamonds
The zodiac sign pendant Aries | A sparkling piece of jewellery that highlights your personality. Can be designed in different precious metals Those born under the sign of Aries are true pioneers. They know exactly what they want and...
From €259.00 *
Sternzeichen Ring Zwillinge in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten
Zodiac ring Gemini with diamonds
A whole 11 diamonds present the constellation on the Zodiac sign ring Gemini! Your zodiac sign ring with flawless diamonds The inquisitive and intelligent twin has his birthday in spring and inspires his fellow men with a lively...
From €121.00 *
Sternzeichen Anhänger Zwillinge
Zodiac pendant Gemini with diamonds
With the zodiac pendant Gemini you become a fashionable trendsetter in your circle of friends. The own zodiac sign always with you Astronomy, horoscopes - the stars have fascinated people at all times. With the star sign pendant Gemini...
From €328.00 *
Verlobungsring Hanzu Aburana mit 0,50 Karat Diamant im Brillantschliff
Engagement ring Hanzu | Diamond | 0,25Kt. |...
Engagement ring with diamond | Hanzu (jap.: hands) Garapa As if held by two hands, the diamond rests firmly in the top of the engagement ring Hanzu. A wonderful symbol of two people's love for each other, unshakable when worn by both....
From €2,760.00 *
Verlobungsring mit Diamant 0,25 Karat in Platin 950
Engagement Ring Hanzu | Diamond | 0,25Kt. |...
The engagement ring Hanzu with diamond in platinum The engagement ring Hanzu, which we have designed in the origin for engagement rings in Mokume Gane technique, we also manufacture in platinum 950 for you. Due to the high stiffness of...
From €1,980.00 *
Verlobungsring 0,20 Karat TWsi in Mokume Gane Technik
Ring Bubinga | Diamond | 0,20 Karat | Mokume Gane
Der Verlobungsring Bubinga mit Diamant. Der Schmuck- und Verlobungsring Bubinga, ebenso wie die gleichnamigen Trauringe nach einer Holzart benannt, bringt eine Vielzahl der verschiedensten Maserungen hervor. An der Außenseite bilden sich...
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Das Geschenk zur Geburt, Gravur in Handschrift auf Edelstahlring
Mommy Ring in stainless steel | The birth gift...
A great gift idea - The Mommy Ring as a gift for the mother for the birth of her child The very personal gift - The Mommy Ring as a birth gift for the mother The birth of a child is a very special moment in the life of a couple. Many...
€95.00 *
Mokume Gane Anhänger Gongu mit Collier
Necklace, Gongu, 3-coloured
Mokume Gane pendant Gongu in palladium, yellow gold and silver. The Mokume Gane pendant Gongu (jap.: Gong), describes in its form the perfection of the circle. The slightly curved top forms a wonderfully patterned piece of forging art by...
€585.00 *
Mokume Gane Trauringe Kaiwa Abura in 750er Gelbgold und Weißgold
Mokume Gane Wedding Rings Abura in 750 Bicolor
The Mokume Gane wedding rings Abura are made of 750/000 gold throughout. 19 layers of yellow gold and white gold flow harmoniously into each other. Exclusive in the choice of precious metals, this model does without palladium and silver....
From €3,570.00 *
Necklace, Kora, 3-coloured
Necklace, Kora, 3-coloured
Mokume Gane Pendant Kora in Palladium, Yellow Gold and Silver In the Mokume Gane pendant Kora (jap.: shield), arc and triangle harmoniously combine to form a single unit. The surface of the pendant carries a wonderfully patterned piece...
€689.00 *
Necklace Funa 3-coloured
Necklace Funa 3-coloured
Mokume Gane pendant Funa in palladium, yellow gold and silver. The Mokume Gane pendant Funa (jap.: little ship), reminds in its shape of a small ship or canoe. The surface of the pendant bears a wonderfully patterned piece of...
€579.00 *
Mokume Gane Ring Kokoro in 3 Farben
Mokume Gane Ring Kokoro
Ring Kokoro - A big heart Mokume Gane Ring Kokoro in palladium, yellow gold and silver The Mokume Gane ring Kokoro (jap.: heart), belongs to the collection "Mokume Silver" designed by Michael Wiesner, and its mighty size represents a...
€595.00 *
Limba Mokume Gane engagement ring with diamond rows
Engagement ring in Limba Mokume Gane with diamonds
Engagement ring in Limba Mokume Gane with rows of diamonds Like the Mokume Gane wedding rings Gurama, this engagement ring has small brilliant cut diamonds set into the lines of the Mokume Gane pattern. The lines that are decorated with...
€2,750.00 *
Eheringe Jabin in Mokume Gane Technik von Markus Wiesner
Unikate von Goldschmiedemeister Markus Wiesner. Handmade in Germany. Palladium 500 | Silber 925 | Ringbreite: individuell | custom design Profil: individuell | flach | gewölbt | stark gewölbt | innen bombiert Diamanten | individuell...
From €2,450.00 *
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