MAMARING in gold, palladium, platinum | The birth gift

A great idea to make your mother or wife happy on her birthday. The mummy ring, the very special individual gift

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production time 14 workdays

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Breite und Höhe:

  • Markus Wiesner
MAMARING in precious metal | White gold, yellow gold, palladium or platinum make the MAMARING... more
Product information "MAMARING in gold, palladium, platinum | The birth gift"

MAMARING in precious metal | White gold, yellow gold, palladium or platinum make the MAMARING appear even more precious and timeless.

What a noble gift for a birthday - The Moms Ring, individual and valuable at the same time

This original mum ring from Wiesner - "Die Goldschmiede" is made in our goldsmith's workshop. We use the mother's personal handwriting as a template for the engraving, but the handwriting of your children or the father can also be used as an engraving template. We can also engrave standardised cursive and printed script for you. You can upload the template in the configurator. Both the number of names and the number of diamonds to be set can be freely selected. When engraving diamonds, we have found that they look best to the right and left of a single name, as well as between the engraved names. The brilliants are each 0,02 carat in the quality Top Wesselton, very small inclusions. The pictures shown are only examples of how your mum ring can look in different combinations of names and diamonds.

Ring size tips:

Ring sizes refer to the circumference inside the ring. If only the inner diameter is known, this can be multiplied by the number Pi (3.14). The result is the inner circumference.

Ring width unknown? No problem.

You can measure the inner diameter of a suitable ring with a digital caliper. The result multiplied by 3.14 as described above gives the inner circumference. Since there are usually odd results, you must then round to a full measurement. Putting a ring on a tape measure unfortunately gives too inaccurate results.

A ring gauge can be borrowed for 15 Euro postage and return postage within Germany. Please select this instead of the ring size. We will correct the ring size surcharge, if applicable, after the order has been placed and we have received the correct ring size.

Name templates | How does it work?

The individual templates can be uploaded in the configurator.
The easiest way is to write the names with a biro or another thin pen on a sheet of paper and photograph it with your mobile phone.
Felt-tip pens are unsuitable, as the solid line thickness makes the central lines more difficult to recognise.
All names can be written on one sheet of paper and uploaded as a photo. Several photos with the individual names are also possible.

Arrangement of the names and diamonds:

This is how we arrange the names and diamonds:

  • For 1 name + 1 diamond: diamond - name | rest of the ring remains free.
  • With 2 names + 1 diamond: name - diamond - name | There is room for another name + 1-2 diamonds on the underside of the ring.
  • With 2 names + 2 diamonds: Diamond - Name - Diamond - Name | Space for another name + diamonds remains on the underside of the ring
  • With 3 names + 3 diamonds: Diamond - Name - Diamond - Name - Diamond - Name | The ring is occupied all the way around
  • With 4 names + 4 diamonds: Diamond - Name - Diamond - Name - Diamond - Name - Diamond - Name | The ring is then circumferentially occupied

The same applies to rings without diamonds. If you have other wishes, please send us a short message when ordering.

Artist Markus Wiesner
Markus Wiesner | Master goldsmith and silversmith Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married,... more
Supplier information "Markus Wiesner"
Markus Wiesner

Markus Wiesner | Master goldsmith and silversmith

  • Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married, 1 child
  • 1990-1992 Vocational school for goldsmiths in Pforzheim
  • 1993-1994 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Apprenticeship as a goldsmith
  • 1995-1998 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach journeyman position
  • 1999-2000 Master school at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim | graduation as master goldsmith and silversmith
  • since 2001 Self-employed in the family business Goldschmiede Wiesner OHG
  • 2006 Mokume Gane course in Pforzheim
  • 2008 Damascus steel course with Fred Schmalz in Knetzgau
  • 2010 Mokume Gane Happening at Ravstedhus in Denmark

Mokume Gane wedding rings from passion

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, is one of two owners of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" and has been making Mokume Gane wedding rings and jewelry with enthusiasm and passion since 2006.

In doing so, Markus Wiesner has basically dedicated himself to the classical forging technique in the endless process. These Mokume Gane wedding rings, which are forged without a seam or butt joint, symbolize the unforgettable nature of love in a unique way.

The fact that the Mokume Gane wedding rings of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" are offered in each case also with butt joint, serves only to make aware that there are differences in the quality. Since some offerers of these wedding rings manufacture and offer these with butt joint, and this is not always immediately obvious, the price however clearly more favorably precipitates, we place this in our presentation directly opposite.

The second owner of "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede" is Michael Wiesner. As a trained businessman and business economist (VWA), he fills the area of photography, web design, product ideas and presentation, and marketing. In the area of idea generation, the collections of zodiac rings (2001) and mama rings (2004) are to his credit. He is also responsible for the discovery of the Mokume Gane technique as an interesting forging art for "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede".

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