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Warmth. The Mokume Gane rings Abarco convey a naturally warm character in their four colours, combined with natural structures.

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Abarco Mokume Gane wedding rings: Unique colorfulness and craftsmanship The Abarco Mokume Gane... more

Abarco Mokume Gane wedding rings: Unique colorfulness and craftsmanship

The Abarco Mokume Gane wedding rings, inspired by the diversity and beauty of an exotic type of wood, embody the harmonious combination of four different precious metals. Created by master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, these wedding rings are a prime example of the elegance and sophisticated play of colors of the Mokume Gane technique.

Harmonious color combination

Impressive color nuances

In the Abarco wedding rings, fine lines of red gold, yellow gold, palladium and silver interweave to create a subtle play of colors. The red gold in particular, which is often dominant, is subtly emphasized by the surrounding silver lines. This interplay of metals results in a particularly balanced and appealing appearance.

Precious metals and patterns

Variety and individuality

The rings are made from 750 yellow gold, 585 red gold, 500 palladium and 925 silver. The unique mokume gane technique creates wild, wood-like patterns that emphasize the individual character of each pair of rings.

Diamonds as an optional refinement

Subtle elegance

While diamonds are not to everyone's taste, they are an attractive addition to Abarco wedding rings. We make sure that the stones do not overlay the pattern of the mokume gane, but rather subtly emphasize it. Elegant diamond lines or individual stars with diamonds can be added according to the customer's wishes.

Ring profiles and surface design

Comfort and aesthetics

Our Mokume Gane wedding rings are given a slight curve on the inside and a polish for optimum wearing comfort. The surface of the Abarco rings is finished using a special blasting technique that creates a silky matt look.

Dimensions and customization options

Customization as desired

We offer Abarco wedding rings in widths from 4 to 13 mm and a profile height of 2 mm. However, they can be made in any intermediate size on request to perfectly meet your personal requirements.

Our quality promise and service

Highest standards

  • Seamless rings: We only forge rings with a seamless circumferential pattern.
  • Mokume Gane quality: Our rings are made from full layer material, not by soldering on thin sheets.
  • Perfect surface: We guarantee that our rings have no cracks or pores.

Customer service

  • Ring sizing service: We offer a ring gauge for accurate width determination.
  • Adjustment service: Free adjustment of the ring width within one week of receipt (1-2 widths), with additional costs for stone setting.
  • Refurbishment service: Free annual refurbishment of your rings, excluding postage costs.

Custom-made and handcrafted

Unique wedding rings according to your ideas

The Abarco Mokume Gane wedding rings can be further individualized by varying the layer thicknesses and materials. We involve you in the development process to create your own personal pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings, which will stand out from all others due to their unique character.

The Abarco Mokume Gane wedding rings are more than just pieces of jewelry - they are an expression of individual love and perfect craftsmanship. With their unique design and the possibility of personalization, they are

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