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Karneol Armreif mit wundervoller Maserung
Carnelian bangle
Carnelian - the gemstone of vitality With its pleasant warm colour this carnelian bangle adorns your wrist wonderfully. It goes perfectly with gold tones, for example, as you can see in the example of how to wear this bangle. The...
€29.00 *
Rosenquarz Herzanhänger mit Leder Collier
Rose Quartz Necklace Pendant Heart
The Rose Quartz - Stone of Love Wonderful rose quartz heart worn in a leather strap. This wonderfully round, bulbous cut heart of rose quartz can easily be worn as a fashionable accessory on a t-shirt, jumper or blouse. Both for yourself...
€19.00 *
Tourmaline Schörl Rod Pendant
Tourmaline Schörl Rod Pendant
The Schörl - black tourmaline as a protective amulet Schörl - a fantastic puristic rough crystal gemstone This raw crystal of black tourmaline, also called Schörl, captivates with its puristic appearance and is therefore ideal as men's...
€69.00 *
Aragonite Donut Necklace
Aragonite Donut Necklace
Aragonite - stone of harmony and balance Fascinating blue aragonite as a pendant donut. This wonderfully blue aragonite donut is a real eye-catcher. Very effective it can be worn on a leather strap on almost any textile colour and...
€24.90 *