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Collezione Sorrentini

Gemstone necklaces and bracelets Handmade in Germany.

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Aventurine necklace with gold-plated sphere and brevet clasp
Collier aventurine blue
Blue Aventurine - Handmade Necklace with sphere A wonderful aventurine necklace, handmade from lenticular blue aventurine gemstones. Fascinating the play of the different openings of the gold plated, decentralised ball. By shifting the...
From €329.00 * €349.00 *
Necklace with labradorite, carnelian, peridot and gold-plated intermediate parts
Necklace labradorite - carnelian - peridot
Multicolour - Handmade necklace of labradorite, carnelian, peridot A fascinating play of colours. The gemstones labradorite, carnelian and peridot, together with the gold tone of the silver gold-plated intermediate parts, ignite a true...
From €549.00 *
Necklace with freshwater pearls and silver-gilt intermediates
Necklace Keshi Freshwater Pearls
Wild pearls of the sea - Handmade freshwater pearl necklace No pearl reflects the wildness and uniqueness of nature as much as the Keshi freshwater pearl. Together with the silver-gilt intermediates, this freshwater pearl necklace...
From €439.00 *
Necklace with green fluorite and gold plated ronde
Necklace green fluoite
Green fluorite - Handcrafted necklace with ronde Clarity - The green fluorite of this necklace shows surprisingly clear. Effortlessly, the authenticity features can be seen inside. Stone by stone, a wonderful looking necklace of green...
From €349.00 *
Necklace in iridescent labradorite with gold plated shere
Necklace in iridescent labradorite
Iridescent Labradorite - Handmade Necklace with Ball and Lenses The exciting iridescent color play of faceted and polished labradorite is unique in a way that it is also called "labradorizing". At first glance almost inconspicuous, it...
From €549.00 *
Carnelian and rutiquartz necklace with gold plated elements in between
Necklace in rutiquartz and carnelian
Carnelian and rutile quartz - Handmade necklace with gold-plated elements Comfortably warm autumn colors - The necklace with carnelian and rutile quartz radiates a pleasant warmth with its autumn tones. The intermediate parts made of 925...
From €449.00 *
Red tourmaline necklace with gold plated elements
Necklace in red tourmaline
Tourmaline - Handcrafted necklace with gold plated small rolls Growth and success - Tourmaline, which occurs in many colors, stands for growth like no other gemstone. This tourmaline necklace is made of red tourmalines, which belong to...
€346.00 * €376.00 *
Morganite gemstone necklace - A necklace to fall in love with
Morganite Gemstone Necklace
Morganite - gemstone of love - necklace with beautiful colour variations The wonderful rosé to orange coloured morganite necklace radiates a lot of openness and warmth. It is not for nothing that the morganite gemstone is also called the...
€850.00 * €947.00 *
Gemstone necklace in moonstone, agate and peridot with gold-plated elements
Moonstone Agate Peridot Gemstone Necklace
Gemstone necklace made of moonstone, agate and peridot A wonderful gemstone necklace made of moonstone, agate and peridot. Like no other gemstone, moonstone characterises themes such as femininity, empathy and depth of feeling. Its depth...
€355.00 * €395.00 *
Colourful gemstone necklace of labradorite, carnelian and peridot
Labradorite Carnelian Peridot Gemstone Necklace
Fireworks of colours - gemstone necklace of labradorite, carnelian and peridot The wonderfully iridescent labradorite of this gemstone necklace shimmers in the most beautiful rainbow colours. Life can be moderately colourful and...
€259.00 * €298.00 *
Concentration - gemstone necklace of beryl, kyanite, rose quartz and aquamarine
Necklace Beryl Aquamarine Rose Quartz Kyanite Gemstones
The Beryl Aquamarine Rose Quartz Kyanite Gemstone Necklace The impression and radiance of this wonderfully light blue gemstone necklace could be described as cooling and concentrating. At the same time, it shows what fantastic gradations...
€349.00 * €379.00 *
Edelstein Kette Amethyst
Edelstein Kette Amethyst
Edelsteinkette Amethyst
€589.00 * €689.00 *
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