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Welcome to Martin Steinhorst - Damascus Steel Rings!

Martin Steinhorst is an experienced blacksmith who forges stunning damascus steel rings and wedding bands in his open forge, in addition to first-class knives. Damascus steel is created by carefully layering and folding steel, giving each ring a unique pattern.

In addition to using high quality damascus steel, Martin Steinhorst also works with rare materials such as Gibeon meteorite from Africa. This material gives each ring an extraordinary appearance and a unique story.

Martin Steinhorst rings are not only a masterpiece of craftsmanship, but also a symbol of love and commitment. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a wedding band, you are guaranteed to find the perfect piece of jewelry at Martin Steinhorst that will last a lifetime.

See for yourself the beauty and quality of Martin Steinhorst's damask steel rings and contact us today to place your order or discuss a custom order.

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Zylindrische Damaststahl Ringe innen gelb oder rot
Damascus steel rings cylindrical
High Quality Damascus Steel Rings - Unparalleled Craftsmanship for Your Love There are few things in life as significant and unforgettable as the day you say yes to your partner. Such an event should be sealed with a symbol that will...
From €375.00 *
Konische Damaststahl Ringe innen Gelbgold oder Rotgold
Damascus steel rings conical
Taper Forged Damascus Steel Rings with Inner Ring Discover the incomparable beauty of our damascus steel rings. Each ring is an artistic masterpiece that features a fascinating wood pattern. The conical forging gives each ring a unique...
From €560.00 *
Damascus steel rings with meteorite and earthly material - heaven and earth
Damascus steel meteorite rings heaven and earth
Damascus steel meteorite rings - heaven and earth united in harmony Hidden in the depths of the earth and in the infinite vastness of space is a beauty that only a few know how to appreciate. We are talking about Damascus steel meteorite...
Damaststahl Ringe oben geöffnet mir Innenring in gelb oder rot
Damascus steel rings open
Damascus steel rings open top Damascus steel rings cut from one strip. At the point where the beginning meets the end, there are various design options. If you have your own ideas, please write to us briefly. The ring inner band is lined...
From €550.00 *
Damaststahl Ringe mit angeschliffenen Facetten - geschwärzt
Damascus steel rings blackened with facets
Danmast steel rings with facets When forging, a scale is formed by the reaction of steel with oxygen. The scale can wear off a bit, the saying for our customers is: If you are open to change, these are just the rings for you. The width...
From €375.00 *
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