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Damascus steel meteorite rings heaven and earth

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Damascus steel meteorite rings - heaven and earth united in harmony Hidden in the depths of... more
Product information "Damascus steel meteorite rings heaven and earth"

Damascus steel meteorite rings - heaven and earth united in harmony

Hidden in the depths of the earth and in the infinite vastness of space is a beauty that only a few know how to appreciate. We are talking about Damascus steel meteorite rings, which capture the essence of heaven and earth in a piece of jewelry. The enchanting name "Damascus steel meteorite rings heaven and earth" conceals a work of art that reflects both the mysterious darkness of the earth and the radiant light of the heavens.

The origin story of these unique rings begins with the production of Damascus steel from race iron. With a great deal of passion and expertise, we ventured into the age-old technique of the racing furnace process. After successful racing furnace trials, we were able to produce our own iron from turf iron ore. The result is a dark iron that comes straight from the womb of our earth.

But the real magic only unfolds when this earthly material meets the extraterrestrial meteorite iron. The bright iron of this fallen star tells stories of galaxies far away and of a journey through space that ended in our atmosphere. In combination, these two materials create an incomparable pattern reminiscent of the duality of heaven and earth.

Depending on their preference, customers can choose between two different patterns. The delicate pattern, reminiscent of the subtle mysteries of the universe, is presented by the smaller ring. However, those looking for a more striking design will be fascinated by the larger ring with its coarse pattern.

The "Damascus Steel Meteorite Ring Heaven and Earth" is not just a piece of jewelry, but a testimony of time, a bridge between our world and the stars. Wear it and feel the connection between the darkness of the earth and the glow of the sky. One ring, two stories, endless fascination.


The Gibeon meteorite - information about the discovery site

The discovery of the Gibeon iron meteorite, named after its location near the Namibian town of Gibeon, represents a remarkable chapter in the history of meteorite research. Its first fragments were found near the Great Fish River in 1836, an event that made the scientific community sit up and take notice.

The first documented description of this meteorite was by Capt. James Edward Alexander. Later investigations, in particular those by geologist Paul Range in 1913, led to exciting findings. Range discovered parts of the meteorite lying on Kalahari limestone formations dating back to the Pleistocene. This indicates that the meteorite fell to earth after the formation of these limestones. These limestones are dated to be between 13,000 and 30,000 years old, indicating a relatively recent arrival of the meteorite.

However, the Gibeon meteorite itself is far older, with an estimated age of over four billion years. This makes it a valuable witness to the early history of our solar system.

A remarkable feature of the Gibeon meteorite is its bursting upon entering the Earth's atmosphere, which led to the formation of the largest known meteorite strewn field on Earth. This scattered field extends over an area of around 370 x 185 kilometers. To date, at least 26 tons of meteorite material have been found in this area.

The Gibeon meteorite, which originates from the asteroid belt, belongs to the class of fine octahedrites of group IV A. Its polycrystalline structure shows the characteristic Widmanstätten pattern, an unmistakable sign of its meteoritic origin. This structure is unique and cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

In Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, 31 fragments of the Gibeon meteorite are on display, a testimony to its scientific and historical importance. These fragments not only serve as fascinating exhibits, but also as important research objects that offer insights into the secrets of the universe.

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