Sternzeichen Anhänger Schütze in Platin mit kleinen Brillanten

Zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds

The sparkling diamonds on the zodiac pendant Sagittarius will inspire you. Take a look at this beautiful piece of jewellery online!

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  • Markus Wiesner
  • WA9 0047
This sparkling zodiac pendant is made for all who are born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The... more
Product information "Zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds"

This sparkling zodiac pendant is made for all who are born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

The zodiac pendant Sagittarius with diamonds

Special pieces of jewelry are for eternity. Our enchanting zodiac pendants are among the accessories that you would like to never take off again. Just like the other pendants from our lovingly designed zodiac sign collection, the zodiac sign pendant Sagittarius is decorated with sparkling diamonds. Each diamond stands for a star in the constellation. Simple and yet so elegant, the zodiac pendant Sagittarius fits perfectly into every look. The pendant harmonizes very well with the filigree, 1.5 mm thin round anchor chain and will certainly bring a smile to your or your loved ones face.

An invisible suspension for a large portion of elegance

Another special feature of our zodiac pendants is the practically invisible suspension. This is not on the top of the pendant, but was attached to the back of the jewelry. The necklace is closed with a small carabiner. Thus the zodiac pendant Sagittarius is perfectly shown to advantage. Besides an aesthetic purpose, the suspension on the back of the pendant also serves a stabilizing purpose. The pretty chain runs elegantly out behind the pendant and completes the harmonious overall picture.

The most important details for you briefly and concisely summarized

  • Star sign pendant Sagittarius with round anchor chain
  • With brilliant-cut diamonds at 0.005 Kt, TW flawless, total 0.07 carat
  • Pendant dimensions: 22 mm diameter, 3 mm thickness with curvature, 1 mm material thickness
  • Chain length: 40 cm, 42 cm, 45 cm (longer dimensions on request)
  • Available in silver, yellow gold and white gold

Use our practical configurator for individual design

As is well known, tastes are also different in jewellery. Therefore we offer you with our configurator the possibility to personalize your star sign pendant Sagittarius. Besides the length of the necklace you can also choose the material the piece of jewellery is made of. Just choose between 925 silver, 585 yellow gold and 585 white gold.

Artist Markus Wiesner
Markus Wiesner | gold and silversmith master   Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg... more
Supplier information "Markus Wiesner"

Markus Wiesner | gold and silversmith master

 Markus Wiesner | Goldschmiedemeister

  • Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married, 1 child
  • 1990-1992 Vocational school for goldsmiths in Pforzheim

  • 1993-1994 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Training as a goldsmith

  • 1995-1998 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Company

  • 1999-2000 master school at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim | graduation as gold and silversmith master

  • since 2001 self-employed in the family business Goldschmiede Wiesner OHG

  • 2006 Mokume Gane course in Pforzheim

  • 2008 Damask steel course with Fred Schmalz in Knetzgau

  • 2010 Mokume Gane Happening at Ravstedhus in Denmark



Mokume Gane wedding rings with passion

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, is one of two owners of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" and has been producing Mokume Gane wedding rings and jewellery with enthusiasm and passion since 2006.

Markus Wiesner has dedicated himself fundamentally to the classic forging technique in an endless process. These Mokume Gane wedding rings, which are forged without seam or butt joint, symbolize in a unique way the unforgettable nature of love.

The fact that the Mokume Gane wedding rings from "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" are also offered with butt joint is only to make you aware that there are differences in quality. As some suppliers of these wedding rings produce and offer them with butt joint, and this is not always immediately obvious, but the price is much lower, we compare this directly in our presentation.

The second owner of "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede" is Michael Wiesner. As a trained merchant and business economist (VWA), he fills the field of photography, web design, product ideas and presentation, as well as marketing. In the field of idea finding, he has so far been responsible for the collections Sternzeichenringe ( 2001), Mamaringe (2004). He is also responsible for the discovery of the Mokume Gane technique as an interesting forging art for "Wiesner-Die Goldsmiths".



Michael Wiesner | Photography | Webdesign | Communication 

  • Carpenter
  • Ideas and Design
  • Course on diamond appraisal at Förderungswerk Uhren und Schmuck
  • Autodidactic web design, website creation and support, jewellery photography,
  • Communication and back office

Michael Wiesner | Fotografie | Webdesign | Kommunikation

Dimensions zodiac sign pendant Sagittarius: possible materials: 925 silver 585... mehr

Dimensions zodiac sign pendant Sagittarius:

possible materials:

  • 925 silver
  • 585 yellow gold
  • 585 white gold


Brilliant cut diamonds á 0,005 Kt. TW flawless, total 0,07 carat

Dimensions of pendant:

  • 22 mm diameter
  • 3 mm thickness with curvature
  • 1 mm Material thickness

Necklace measurements:

  • round anchor chain 1,5 mm thick
  • in the lengths 40cm , 42cm , 45cm, longer dimensions on request
Gestalten Sie Ihren ganz persönlichen Schütze Sternzeichenring Das Edelmetall |  Direkt... mehr

Gestalten Sie Ihren ganz persönlichen Schütze Sternzeichenring

Das Edelmetall | Direkt überm Warenkorb-Button bitte das gewünschte Edelmetall auswählen.


Jetzt konfigurieren:

  • Die Ringweite: Die Ringweite bezieht sich auf den Umfang im Innern des Ringes. Falls nur der Innendurchmesser bekannt ist, so kann dieser mit der Zahl Pi (3,14) multipliziert werden. Das Ergebnis ergibt den Innenumfang. 
  • Wählbare Ringweiten: 50-70  Außerhalb dieser Weiten sind Anfertigungen auf Anfrage möglich.
  • Die Oberfläche: Es kann zwischen mattierter und polierter Version gewählt werden.
  • Die Innengravur: Zur weiteren Individualisierung kann im Innenring eine Gravur eingearbeitet werden. Schreibschrift oder Druckschrift stehen zur Verfügung. Den Gravurtext bitte im darauf folgenden Feld eintragen.


The Sagittarius Horoscope  Topic: Overview of the experience. Synthesis and insight.... mehr

The Sagittarius Horoscope 

  • Topic: Overview of the experience. Synthesis and insight. Sense and purpose of existence. belief systems. Worldview. Personal ethics.
  • Motivation: The search for meaning. Hope for a more perfect world. Broadening of the spiritual horizon. Holistic approach. Social commitment. An optimistic approach to life.
  • Goal: Finding universally valid values. Knowledge and insight. The synthesis of factors. The grand plan. Sensibly directed energy and commitment.
  • Learning task: Excessive optimism. Missionary urge. The relativity of all points of view. Consideration of individual factors as basic building blocks of the whole. The tendency to exaggerate.
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