Azobe Mokume Gane Wedding Rings in Tricolor

Azobe Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

Delicate rose gold | Mokume Gane wedding rings Azobe interwoven with fine rose gold lines. A feast for the eyes for all couples who prefer subtle rose gold.

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Azobe Mokume Gane wedding rings - fine drawing This wonderful pair of wedding rings shows once... more

Azobe Mokume Gane wedding rings - fine drawing

This wonderful pair of wedding rings shows once again how the character of a Mokume Gane wedding ring pair can completely change when even one of the precious metals used is replaced by another. In fact, the original Jabin Mokume Gane wedding ring pair is forged in palladium, silver and yellow gold. In this, a brand new pair of rings, master goldsmith Markus Wiesner has simply replaced the yellow gold with red gold. And here, too, it can be seen that the red gold, which is very dominant in itself, becomes a delicate red accent in combination with the silver and palladium lines.

Patterning of the Mokume Gane wedding rings also very individual here

Every time we forge a pair of wedding rings in our goldsmith's shop, it remains very exciting until the end, how the colors of the precious metals show up in the end, after the surface treatment. In this pair of wedding rings, the four asterisks running around the rings alternate in color. One gray, one white, one gray, one white. Palladium forms here the gray asterisks, while the silver shows itself in the white asterisks. Extremely excitingly, a wild structure typical of Mokume Gane has formed here in the area where the ladies' ring runs over the men's ring in the picture. This happens completely uncontrollable and always in the places where the rings, still in the raw material had once grown together.

The wedding rings Azobe Mokume Gane at a glance

  • 500 palladium | 585 red gold | 925 silver
  • width 4 to 10 mm
  • Ring profile, slightly curved inside and outside
  • Mokume Gane wedding rings, forged without hem and joint

Set diamonds in Mokume Gane wedding rings

When diamonds are set into Mokume Gane wedding rings, we place great importance on the stones blending harmoniously into the picture. Single stones should not be too large, otherwise they will disturb the beautiful pattern of the Mokume Gane wedding rings. For rings with a star pattern, the best position for individual diamonds is the center, one or more, of the stars. Entire rows of small brilliant-cut diamonds, carefully inserted into the pattern of the mokume gane by taking up and emphasizing its lines, give a ladies' ring an additional touch of luxury and glamour.


  • Seamless wedding rings | We exclusively forge rings with seamless circumferential pattern. Endless - a wonderful symbolism especially for wedding rings.
  • Mokume through and through | Wiesner wedding rings are not made by soldering on thin sheets of mokume, but exclusively from full layer material.
  • No cracks or pores | Wiesner wedding rings have neither cracks nor pores on the surface.

Our service for you:

  • Ring width service | You will receive a ring measurement from us for the exact determination of the width.
  • Rings do not fit completely | If you contact us one week after receiving your Wiesner wedding rings, we will adjust them again for you free of charge. (1-2 widths)
  • Refurbishment service | We will refurbish your rings on request 1 x per year free of charge for you. Excluding postage costs.
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