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Bongosi Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

Bongosi Mokume Gane vestuviniai žiedai su deimantais

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Simple elegance meets dynamic mokume gane: the Bongosi wedding rings The Bongosi model,... more
Product information "Bongosi Mokume Gane Wedding Rings"

Simple elegance meets dynamic mokume gane: the Bongosi wedding rings

The Bongosi model, inspired by the wood of the same name, combines the dynamic world of mokume gane patterns with the simple elegance of white precious metal in a fascinating way. These unique mokume gane wedding rings are characterized by the exciting contrast between different styles. The harmoniously undulating seam that connects the two elements and creates a gentle transition is particularly striking.

Harmonious combination of contrasts

Skilful mix of styles

Made from 500 palladium and 925 silver, the rings remain in the color world of white precious metals, while the mokume gane pattern is deliberately bold. This combination brings out the unique qualities of both materials and creates a balance between wildness and restraint.

Sparkling diamonds as an optional highlight

Elegant accents

Although diamonds in mokume gane wedding rings are not everyone's cup of tea, they offer a special attraction for lovers. In the Bongosi rings, we have added a fine line of flawless diamonds along the wavy connecting line. The 64 diamonds in the ladies' ring give the rings an enchanting sparkle with every twist, without dominating the mokume gane pattern.

The Bongosi rings in detail

Elegance and style

  • Materials: A combination of 500 palladium and 925 silver.
  • Ring width and height: 8.5 mm wide and 2 mm profile height.
  • Ring sizes: Available as standard in sizes DR 54 and HR 64.
  • Ladies' ring: Adorned with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 0.32 carats TW flawless.
  • Profile: Curved on the inside and slightly curved on the outside for optimum wearing comfort.
  • Hand-forged: Each ring is made without a seam or joint.

Each pair is unique

Individually handcrafted

Each pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings is absolutely unique. Even with the same basic designs, the pattern varies as it depends on the individual handiwork of the blacksmith. The special technique of mokume gane creates a unique deformation of the material layers with every blow of the hammer, making each pair of rings an exclusive work of art.

Our quality standards and service

Highest standards

  • Seamless rings: We only forge rings with a seamless surrounding pattern.
  • Mokume Gane quality: Our rings are made from solid layered material, not by soldering on thin sheets.
  • Perfect surface: We guarantee that our rings have no cracks or pores.

Customer service

  • Ring sizing service: We offer a ring gauge for accurate width determination.
  • Adjustment service: Free adjustment of the ring width within one week of receipt (1-2 widths).
  • Refurbishment service: Free annual refurbishment of your rings, excluding postage costs.

The Bongosi Mokume Gane wedding rings are an ideal choice for couples who appreciate the combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. With their unique blend of dynamic patterns and understated elegance, they are a true symbol of the diversity and beauty of a future together.

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Customer evaluation for "Bongosi Mokume Gane Wedding Rings"
17 Feb 2021

Vorstellungen bei weitem übertroffen

Unsere Eheringe sind eine Mischung aus 2 verschiedene Typen von Ringen mit 3 unterschiedlichen Materialen, welche in dieser Form noch nicht hergestellt wurden...und was sollen wir sagen: Das Ergebnis ist einfach nur genial! Perfektes Design, perfektes Tragen, perfekte Ringe, besser geht´s nicht. Vielen Dank für diese tolle Arbeit!

Admin 18 Feb 2021

Hallo Frau Naumann,

vielen lieben Dank für Ihre tolle Bewertung zu Ihren Mokume Gane Trauringen. In der Tat ein extrem ausgefallenes Paar Ringe. Habe das Zertifikatbild noch einmal heraus gesucht und werde es hier unten anhängen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen von Herzen alles Gute und eine tolle Hochzeit. Bitte melden Sie sich, falls zu irgend einem Zeitpunkt Fragen auftauchen, oder aber eben zum jährlichen Aufarbeitungsservice Ihrer Mokume Gane Trauringe.

Viele Grüße aus der Goldschmiede, Michael und Markus Wiesner


Mokume Gane Trauringe Kombi aus Bongosi und Tornillo

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