Mokume Gane wedding rings with special drawing

Mansonia Mokume Gane wedding rings

Vibrant Mokume Gane wedding rings with exceptionally beautiful hand forged pattern

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Mokume Gane wedding rings Mansonia with simple wood pattern As simple as the Mansonia wood... more

Mokume Gane wedding rings Mansonia with simple wood pattern

As simple as the Mansonia wood species is, so is the appearance of the Mokume Gane rings Mansonia. Interestingly, this simple pattern running diagonally to the wedding rings was created as a result of a very elaborate manufacturing technique. By welding several different Mokume Gane ingots together, master goldsmith Markus Wiesner created the base material for this pair of wedding rings. What is very exciting to discover is that a very wild pattern can be seen on the inside of the rings. Quite in contrast to the outer appearance of the Mokume Gane wedding rings Mansonia. For a moment, you would almost be tempted to turn these rings around to see how the wild inner pattern is reflected on the outside. However, we decided to leave these rings of inner wildness and outer simplicity, exactly as they are, and if necessary, try a new pair for the discovery of the hidden wilderness.

Without hem and joint - Mansonia wedding rings also show endless pattern

What is often hard to see in pictures, because they almost always show only one view of Mokume Gane wedding rings, is the seamlessness of the Mokume Gane pattern of the rings from our workshop. Since we attach great importance to the symbolic power of endlessness in wedding ring production, we exclusively produce rings without hem and joint from our workshop. If you still want rings with a butt joint, this is of course also possible. It requires even less working time and qualification, and needs less starting material to produce such so-called band rings. For this reason, these are also significantly cheaper in price. On the opposite side, however, besides the symbolic power of an endless ring, is the optical appearance of a Mokume Gane band ring. At one point there is a clear pattern interruption, which can also lead to problems with later ring changes. In particular, if the rings are to be further stretched, they can tear open at such a solder joint. Often the solder joints, usually made in silver solder, show different tarnishing behavior compared to the silver layers of the Mokume Gane wedding rings.

The wedding rings Mansonia in measure and number, as you can try them in the atelier.

  • 500 palladium | 925 silver
  • Width 4 to 10 mm
  • slightly curved inside and outside
  • hand forged mokume gane with endless pattern

What happens to changing ring size with Mokume Gane wedding rings
In life, many things can change. Personal ring widths are also subject to certain fluctuations. For this reason, it is important that your Mokume Gane wedding rings can be adjusted. Unfortunately, today a large number of wedding rings are also offered in materials that cannot be changed. Such as titanium, carbon, steel, or damask steel, tantalum, and probably some more that we do not know yet. If these are inexpensive rings that can be easily replaced later, this may not seem quite so tragic. At least if you disregard the ideal value of a wedding ring couple.

We place great importance on all of the Mokume Gane wedding rings we make, as well as classic wedding rings, being able to be changed in width at a later date. A great advantage for our bridal couples and customers.

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