Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT13

Mokume Gane Wedding rings with hand-forged living patterns from the goldsmiths of Markus Wiesner

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  • MGT-13-Eternity
  • Markus Wiesner | Master Goldsmith
  • Garapa
  • Paarpreis | Weiten 54 + 64
Four precious metals welded together to form Mokume Gane and wedding rings forged. The wedding... more
Product information "Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT13"

Four precious metals welded together to form Mokume Gane and wedding rings forged.

The wedding rings Garapa, from our Mokume Gane wedding ring collection, are also named after a South American wood species. Entirely after the German equivalent of Mokume Gane, namely "holzstruktur Metall". The precious metals yellow gold, red gold, palladium and silver were first welded together to form a strong bond and then forged into a beautiful and unique pair of wedding rings. By slightly reducing the silver, the pair Garapa shows a very vivid 3D structure, which further enhances the effect of the structured metals. Depending on your taste, the lines can be slightly steeper or flatter around the ring, or the slightly larger visible palladium areas can be interrupted by further patterning.

Genuine wedding rings unique pieces through Japanese forging technique Mokume Gane

Through the centuries-old forging technique of the Mokume Gane, each pair of wedding rings is absolutely unique. Each pair receives its own personal touch through the individual and handcrafted forging process. The result is that even when a pattern already known is repeated, the lines and structures of the precious metals are slightly different. The recognisability is given, but the subtleties vary. In addition, as a bridal couple you have the opportunity to actively influence the design process by choosing colours, colour sequences or layer thicknesses of the precious metals according to your personal taste. Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner will then put together your own personal pair of rings and forge your unique wedding rings for you.

The Garapa wedding rings in a short summary

  • 750 yellow gold | 585 red gold | 500 palladium | 925 silver
  • ring width 6 mm | profile height 2 mm
  • Ring widths DR 54 and HR 64
  • slightly convex inside and convex outside
  • The inside polished for good daytime comfort

Custom Design Mokume Gane wedding rings - Challenge us

Perhaps you are enthusiastic about Japanese forging technology and would like to wear a pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings for your bond of life. Maybe you have some ideas of your own about how your Mokume Gane rings should look like in colour and pattern. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities offered by this forging technique. Please make an appointment to discuss your ideas in our studio. All rings that you see here in the category "Our Atelier Wedding Rings" can be viewed, touched and tried out in our studio. If you are visiting our website from a greater distance, we will be happy to give you an insight into a telephone consultation.

Artist Markus Wiesner | Master Goldsmith
Markus Wiesner | Master goldsmith and silversmith Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married,... more
Supplier information "Markus Wiesner | Master Goldsmith"
Markus Wiesner | Master Goldsmith

Markus Wiesner | Master goldsmith and silversmith

  • Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married, 1 child
  • 1990-1992 Vocational school for goldsmiths in Pforzheim
  • 1993-1994 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Apprenticeship as a goldsmith
  • 1995-1998 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach journeyman position
  • 1999-2000 Master school at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim | graduation as master goldsmith and silversmith
  • since 2001 Self-employed in the family business Goldschmiede Wiesner OHG
  • 2006 Mokume Gane course in Pforzheim
  • 2008 Damascus steel course with Fred Schmalz in Knetzgau
  • 2010 Mokume Gane Happening at Ravstedhus in Denmark

Mokume Gane wedding rings from passion

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, is one of two owners of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" and has been making Mokume Gane wedding rings and jewelry with enthusiasm and passion since 2006.

In doing so, Markus Wiesner has basically dedicated himself to the classical forging technique in the endless process. These Mokume Gane wedding rings, which are forged without a seam or butt joint, symbolize the unforgettable nature of love in a unique way.

The fact that the Mokume Gane wedding rings of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" are offered in each case also with butt joint, serves only to make aware that there are differences in the quality. Since some offerers of these wedding rings manufacture and offer these with butt joint, and this is not always immediately obvious, the price however clearly more favorably precipitates, we place this in our presentation directly opposite.

The second owner of "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede" is Michael Wiesner. As a trained businessman and business economist (VWA), he fills the area of photography, web design, product ideas and presentation, and marketing. In the area of idea generation, the collections of zodiac rings (2001) and mama rings (2004) are to his credit. He is also responsible for the discovery of the Mokume Gane technique as an interesting forging art for "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede".

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Customer evaluation for "Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT13"
18 Jul 2021

Traumhaft gefertigte Ringe und erstklassige Beratung

Wir haben die Ringe für unsere Hochzeit fertigen lassen und sind, kurzum, in allen Belangen absolut zufrieden!

Bei der Beratung wurde auf all unsere Design-Wünsche eingegangen (wir wollten ein paar Änderungen im Vergleich zur Abbildung oben). Dabei hat Herr Wiesner uns hervorragend durch die Fülle an Möglichkeiten geführt, sodass wir letztlich unsere Traumringe in Auftrag geben konnten.

Die Ausführung der Ringe selbst ist handwerklich makellos und zeugt vom Verständnis und Gefühl des Goldschmiedes. Der Preis der Ringe ist absolut gerechtfertigt und ich kann die Brüder der Goldschmiede Wiesner bedenkenlos weiter empfehlen!

Admin 20 Jul 2021

Hallo und nochmals herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrer Hochzeit.

Vielen lieben Dank für Ihre tolle Beurteilung unserer Arbeit. Bei Mokume Gane Trauringen liegt es in der Natur dieser Technik, dass diese immer ganz individuell angfertigt werden. Aus diesem Grund ist es natürlich auch möglich auf jeden technisch umsetzbaren Wunsch einzugehen.

Es freut uns jedes mal wieder aufs Neue, wenn wir diese Wünsche richtig erfasst und umgesetzt haben und so viel Begeisterung damit ernten.

Ich wünsche Ihnen, auch im Namen meines Bruders Markus viel Glück und Gesundheit für Ihre gemeinsame Zukunft.

Viele Grüße aus der Goldschmiede

Michael Wiesner

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