Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT17

The Mokume Gane wedding rings Jaboty appear in their very special combination of red gold, yellow gold, palladium and silver in a subtle brown tone.

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production time 40 workdays

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  • MGT-Jaboty-2.1
  • Markus Wiesner
  • Paarpreis | Weiten 54 + 64
Mokume Gane wedding rings Jaboty - In yellow gold, red gold, palladium and silver, seamlessly... more
Product information "Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT17"

Mokume Gane wedding rings Jaboty - In yellow gold, red gold, palladium and silver, seamlessly forged.

A fairytale pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings, unique in its colourful appearance. Through a very special composition of the precious metals yellow gold, palladium, red gold and silver, master goldsmith Markus Wiesner has created a completely new and effective pattern. Decisive is the completely new composition of sequence and especially the different layer thicknesses of the Mokume Gane material. Again and again this extraordinary forging technique surprises with completely new impressions. This composition creates an overall colour impression that would not be expected when selecting the individual precious metals. The diamonds of this pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings nestle particularly seductively but stylishly into the pattern structure. Of course not a must, but an extremely attractive addition.

The ladies' ring with diamonds. Harmoniously inserted into the Mokume Gane pattern of the rings.

Of course, diamonds can also be worked into the women's ring with Mokume Gane wedding rings. However, a little sensitivity is required to ensure that this is successful and looks good. Quickly the women's ring, or the Mokume Gane pattern of the ring, looks clumsy and battered by a clumsy chosen stone size or positioning. Also here the principle "less is more" applies to us. Individual diamonds should never be too large, otherwise the wonderful pattern of the Mokume Gane will be massively disturbed. The same applies to the rows of stones that we have created especially for the Mokume Gane. If the diamonds are chosen too large, the ladies' ring will end up looking very cluttered. Too many pattern lines can also overstrain the ring.

The Jaboty rings in brief:

  • Can be tried in our studio
  • Ring widths DR 54 and HR 64
  • 750 yellow gold | 585 red gold | 500 palladium | 925 silver
  • 6 mm wide | 2 mm profile height
  • Ring profile, slightly convex inside and outside
  • Ladies ring with 10 diamonds, total 0,05 carat TW flawless
  • Hand-forged Mokume Gane wedding rings without hem and joint

Mokume Gane rings are always individually forged.

The Mokume Gane wedding rings Jaboty shown here can be viewed live in our studio and put on your finger. Of course you can also buy exactly this pair of rings from us. In most cases, however, we make a completely new pair of wedding rings for our bridal couples. Ring width and ring width can be designed exactly according to your wishes. Often, trying on the wedding rings reveals completely new ideas, which we then turn into a new pair of wedding rings for our customers.

Artist Markus Wiesner
Markus Wiesner | gold and silversmith master   Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg... more
Supplier information "Markus Wiesner"

Markus Wiesner | gold and silversmith master

 Markus Wiesner | Goldschmiedemeister

  • Born on 03.02.1973 in Ludwigsburg married, 1 child
  • 1990-1992 Vocational school for goldsmiths in Pforzheim

  • 1993-1994 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Training as a goldsmith

  • 1995-1998 Goldsmith Theile in Fellbach Company

  • 1999-2000 master school at the goldsmith school in Pforzheim | graduation as gold and silversmith master

  • since 2001 self-employed in the family business Goldschmiede Wiesner OHG

  • 2006 Mokume Gane course in Pforzheim

  • 2008 Damask steel course with Fred Schmalz in Knetzgau

  • 2010 Mokume Gane Happening at Ravstedhus in Denmark



Mokume Gane wedding rings with passion

Master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, is one of two owners of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" and has been producing Mokume Gane wedding rings and jewellery with enthusiasm and passion since 2006.

Markus Wiesner has dedicated himself fundamentally to the classic forging technique in an endless process. These Mokume Gane wedding rings, which are forged without seam or butt joint, symbolize in a unique way the unforgettable nature of love.

The fact that the Mokume Gane wedding rings from "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" are also offered with butt joint is only to make you aware that there are differences in quality. As some suppliers of these wedding rings produce and offer them with butt joint, and this is not always immediately obvious, but the price is much lower, we compare this directly in our presentation.

The second owner of "Wiesner-Die Goldschmiede" is Michael Wiesner. As a trained merchant and business economist (VWA), he fills the field of photography, web design, product ideas and presentation, as well as marketing. In the field of idea finding, he has so far been responsible for the collections Sternzeichenringe ( 2001), Mamaringe (2004). He is also responsible for the discovery of the Mokume Gane technique as an interesting forging art for "Wiesner-Die Goldsmiths".



Michael Wiesner | Photography | Webdesign | Communication 

  • Carpenter
  • Ideas and Design
  • Course on diamond appraisal at Förderungswerk Uhren und Schmuck
  • Autodidactic web design, website creation and support, jewellery photography,
  • Communication and back office

Michael Wiesner | Fotografie | Webdesign | Kommunikation

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Customer evaluation for "Mokume Gane wedding rings MGT17"
4 Oct 2020

Unsere Erwartungen weit übertroffen

Die Mokume Gane Technik hat uns schon auf den Bildern fasziniert. Diese Ringe jetzt an unseren Händen, hergestellt nach unseren individuellen Wünschen hat all unsere Vorstellungen übertroffen.
Der lange Weg von Bremen nach Beilstein war dies zweifelsohne wert.
Herzlichen Dank an die Gebrüder Wiesner für diese hervorragende Arbeit und Beratung.
Familie Schröder

Admin 5 Oct 2020

Guten Tag Frau und Herr Schröder,

vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihr tolles Feedback und Ihre Begeisterung für die Mokume Gane Technik und Ihre geschmiedeten Trauringe aus unserer Werkstatt. Da macht uns die Arbeit gleich doppelt Freude.

Mein Bruder Markus und ich wünschen Ihnen von ganzem Herzen eine tolle und gelungene Hochzeit und für Ihre Zukunft viel Glück und Gesundheit.

Viele Grüße aus der Goldschmiede, Michael Wiesner


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