Wedding rings black | blackened | mokume gane | hammered

Grandiose look due to deep etching and blackening of the silver mokume gane layers of these Iroko wedding rings.

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  • Pair price | widths 54 + 64
  • Atelier rings to try on | Please allow 4-6 weeks for new fabrication.
Black mokume gane wedding rings: a trend-conscious choice Black wedding rings have long... more

Black mokume gane wedding rings: a trend-conscious choice

Black wedding rings have long since established themselves as a trend, and now they are also available in the Mokume Gane technique. Inspired by our tried and tested Iroko wedding ring model, we have created a pair of wedding rings in which the silver layers are refined using a blackening process. This innovation represents a stylish alternative to materials such as carbon, tantalum or ceramic.

Unique aesthetics and durability

Patinated silver for deep black tones

Blackening silver is a patination process that gives the silver a deep, black color. To minimize the natural wear process, the blackened silver is embedded slightly below the surface of the ring. This ensures that the rings retain their characteristic color for as long as possible, even with everyday wear.

Why precious metals instead of tantalum or carbon?

Flexibility and longevity

Wedding rings should be adaptable to changing ring widths over the course of a lifetime. For this reason, we have decided to stick with proven and flexible precious metals. In contrast to carbon, which cannot be changed at all, and tantalum, which can only be changed in width to a limited extent, our black mokume gane wedding rings offer the flexibility and durability you are accustomed to.

Properties of iroko black wedding rings

Materials and customization options

  • Materials: A combination of palladium and silver.
  • Ring width and ring width: Customized according to your individual requirements.
  • Customizable ring widths: Our rings are designed in such a way that it is possible to adjust the ring width at a later date.
  • Re-blackening: The silver can be re-blackened if required to maintain the intensity of the color.

Seamless production

  • All-round pattern: The seamless production of our wedding rings guarantees a continuous, harmonious design without interruptions.

The black Mokume Gane Iroko wedding rings are the perfect choice for couples who prefer a modern, trend-conscious style without sacrificing the tradition and quality of precious metal forging. With their unique look and the possibility of customization, they are a real statement in the world of wedding rings.

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