Wedding rings forged in Limba Mokume Gane

Vibrant rings. The Mokume Gane wedding rings Limba fascinate with their liveliness in pattern and color. The ladies ring is decorated with flawless diamonds.

Ladies ring width:

Men's ring width:


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Limba Mokume Gane wedding rings in 3 precious metals The Limba wedding rings, forged in Mokume... more

Limba Mokume Gane wedding rings in 3 precious metals

The Limba wedding rings, forged in Mokume Gane technique by master goldsmith Markus Wiesner, are made of the precious metals yellow gold, palladium and silver. The surfaces of both Mokume Gane wedding rings Limba were finally etched and blasted with glass beads. A total of three of the precious metal layers are created in 750 gold and beautifully break up the pattern image here. In the course, around both wedding rings, four of the well-known asterisks, or crosses, can be seen, which are first seen on the inside of the rings during production, and then are brought to the outside in a few further work steps.

Differences in width of Mokume Gane rings

If the taste, respectively the wearing sensation of two people is very different, rings can also be manufactured in very different widths. Nevertheless, we manufacture both rings from one welded piece of Mokume Gane material. This increases the material costs a little bit, but both rings can be forged, rolled and structured from one piece. In addition to the emotional value, this has the advantage of giving the two rings the closest possible resemblance.

Flawless Stones. Diamonds set in mokume gane lines

We consider one of the most harmonious ways to incorporate diamonds into your Mokume Gane wedding rings to be the Guramá technique, which we have devised especially for these special rings. Small and fine flawless full brilliant cut diamonds are incorporated into some of the Mokume Gane lines in this process. For this pair of rings, the setting technique "Verschnittfassung", in series also known as thread cutting, was used for this purpose. However, the stones can also be set in a channel setting, which results in a greater sparkle of the diamonds. This is a little more costly, but visibly increases the fire of the stones.

What can be influenced with Mokume Gane wedding rings.

Everything is changeable. The possibilities to customize this pair of rings as well to your personal desires are almost endless. From slight variations, to a completely different appearance. Number of layers, layer thicknesses, as well as the colors of your very own personal Mokume Gane wedding ring pair can be put together and forged according to your wishes. The ring widths and ring widths are of course variable. Just contact us with your personal ideas. We are always happy to take on completely new challenges. In this way, too, you can be sure that your wedding rings will be unique.

The wedding rings Limba in the overview:

  • The materials are yellow gold 750, palladium 500, and silver 925
  • Ring widths from 4 to 10 mm possible
  • Diamonds can be additionally selected and set.
  • Mokume Gane seamless forged by Markus Wiesner

Seamless production of Mokume Gane wedding rings

Also with classical wedding rings it is so that these are manufactured in the usual way without solder joint. The reason for this, apart from the change in width due to stretching or compression of the rings, is above all the popular, because beautiful symbolism of endlessness, which is to be embodied by the jointless rings. The same is also possible when making your Mokume Gane wedding rings and is a standard for us. By means of a sophisticated and tricky technique, it is possible for us to produce these rings without a butt joint. In addition to the symbolic power of endlessness, the pattern of Mokume Gane wedding rings is not interrupted at any point.

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Customer evaluation for "Wedding rings forged in Limba Mokume Gane"
11 Nov 2021

Absolut empfehlenswert

Gut – Besser - Wiesner. Was soll ich sagen, mein Ring ist ein Traum und ich kann mich auch jetzt nach über einem Monat am Finger nicht satt sehen. Von der Erstberatung, Antwort auf meine Fragen bis zum fertigen Ring hat hier alles gepasst. Auf meine Wünsche wurde eingegangen und die gesetzten Diamanten funkeln um die Wette. Eine handwerkliche Meisterleistung - Danke! Der Weg hat sich mehr als gelohnt und ich kann jedem die Goldschmiede wärmstens empfehlen. Sei es für Ehe- / Partnerringe oder wie bei mir ein Einzelring aus der Limba Serie.

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