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Engagement ring "Hanzu", handmade in finest Mokume Gane technique...

...can be forged in light shades, such as palladium and silver, as well as in yellow and red precious metal colours. The choice of diamond opens up a wide range of possibilities. From 0.25 carat to 0.50 carat, but also 0.75 or 1.0 carat diamonds can be worked into the engagement ring Hanzu. The most beautiful fire is provided by a brilliant cut diamond, but beautiful navette cuts are also possible.

Quality of diamonds | 4c's

Color | Cut | Clarity | Carat

As diamond quality for the engagement ring, we recommend our customers for diamond colour from "Wesselton" and for purity from "si", for small inclusion (clarity). "Small Inclusion" refers to inclusions (authenticity features) that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but are immediately recognisable with 10x magnification. There is no reduction in the brilliance of the diamond. This is followed by "very small inclusion", "verry, very small inclusion" and "flawless".

With regard to diamond colour, Wesselton (w) should be a minimum standard. Underlying shades such as "top crystal", or "crystal" already have a distinct yellow hue and may look very beautiful in a yellow piece of jewellery, but look rather inferior in a white metal.

Regarding the cut and the proportion of the diamond we recommend and use only "good" or "very good".

The quality of the cut is a decisive factor in determining the brilliance and fire of a diamond. The outstanding optical properties of a diamond can only be fully appreciated if a parameter corridor is strictly adhered to when making the cut.

A diamond can be designed in its proportions, slightly higher and narrower, or slightly lower and wider. Often this depends on the dimensions of the rough diamond. Depending on this, the angles of total reflection, which are particularly important in the lower part, are created. They decide whether the stone reflects the incident light upwards or lets it escape at the bottom. In the latter case the diamond appears lifeless, even showing a black eye in the centre.

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