Granadillo Wedding Rings in Mokume Gane

Discover the uniqueness of Granadillo Mokume Gane wedding rings, handcrafted with fine yellow gold and a concave profile for exceptional comfort and style.

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Granadillo Mokume Gane wedding rings: Exclusive design meets precious materials Discover the... more

Granadillo Mokume Gane wedding rings: Exclusive design meets precious materials

Discover the unique Granadillo wedding rings, forged using the rare and fascinating Mokume Gane technique. These rings represent a special form of  CedarMokume Gane wedding rings and stand out with their powerful pattern and the elegant addition of 750 yellow gold.

Characteristic features of the Granadillo rings

A powerful pattern with fine yellow gold

The Granadillo wedding rings stand out with their bold pattern, which is created by using fewer, but thicker layers of metal. The 750 yellow gold sideliner adds an extra dimension of elegance and emphasizes the exquisite design.

Unique ring shape

  • Profile: The profile of these rings is concave, offering a modern and comfortable fit.
  • Wearing comfort: The slight inner curvature ensures a comfortable fit with an appropriate ring shank thickness.

Granadillo Mokume Gane: An overview

Material composition

  • Materials: Palladium 500, silver 925 and yellow gold 750
  • Pattern: Strong and expressive thanks to the special layering

Personalization options

  • Ring widths: Selectable from 7 to 10 mm, customized for individual preferences.
  • Diamonds: Optionally, diamonds can be set in lines or incorporated as individual stones. See: Wedding rings in Bongosi Mokume Gane

Quality and service from Wiesner-Trauringen

Seamless perfection

  • Seamlessrings: We guarantee rings with a seamless surrounding pattern, which is deeply symbolic, especially for wedding rings.
  • Mokume Gane authenticity: Our rings are forged from solid layered material, not from soldered-on sheets.

Flawless surface

  • No cracks or pores: Top quality, which is reflected in a flawless surface without blemishes.

Customer service

  • Ring width service: A ring gauge is provided to determine the exact width.
  • Fitting service: If the rings do not fit, we offer a free size adjustment (1-2 widths) within one week of receipt.
  • Reconditioning service: We offer an annual refurbishment of your rings, apart from postage costs.

The Granadillo wedding rings in Mokume Gane are true masterpieces that combine precision craftsmanship and artistic vision. They are not just pieces of jewelry, but symbolize the unique bond between two lovers. Contact us to create your individual wedding rings.


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