Wedding rings in Eyong Mokume Gane

Eyong mokume gane wedding rings in three colors and a stretched princess cut diamond

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Mokume Gane wedding rings Eyong with stretched diamond in princess cut We created this model... more

Mokume Gane wedding rings Eyong with stretched diamond in princess cut

We created this model from the Eyong design series to try the interplay of simple elements, here palladium and rose gold, and wild mokume gane patterns. As in the basic idea, each of the two elements is emphasized by the contrast with the other. In terms of color, of course, you can play according to your personal taste. If you observe one or the other rule of the golden section when weighting the respective element in relation to the other, you will always get a pair of Mokume Gane wedding rings that playfully deal with their contrasts.

Free floating diamond with a very special cut

The princess cut diamond with a weight of 0.16 carats is incorporated into this special Mokume Gane ring model, without a base and free floating in the ladies ring. The security that it does not fall out of the setting, he gets from the continuous plain parts of palladium and rose gold. These ensure that the ladies ring does not deform, which would lead to the release of the diamond. In order for such a rather large diamond to fit well into the Mokume Gane ring in terms of design, it is important to choose the right place in the Mokume Gane pattern. Since a stone of this size naturally also has a lower part, which must be cut in fixed proportion to the edge length, at least the ladies' ring requires a profile height that can accommodate such a diamond. Therefore, in these wedding rings shown here, both rings have a slightly extended profile height of 2.5 mm. Basically, however, the men's ring could also be worn with 2.0 mm.

Wedding rings Eyong and their key data

  • Materials: yellow gold or red gold/750, palladium/500, silver/925
  • Ring widths: 7 mm to 10 mm
  • Ring height: standard 2.5 mm
  • Profile: from flat to strongly domed
  • Surface: glass matt
  • hand-forged Mokume Gane with endless pattern (ladies ring with open setting)

The ring profile for mokume gane wedding rings with large stones.

When setting larger diamonds in brilliant cut, but even more so in princess cut, there are a few things to consider with Mokume Gane wedding rings, as well as classic wedding rings. First of all, with the stone diameter, or with the edge length for square and rectangular stones, the stone height increases proportionally. This has the background that it requires for the optimal optical properties of cut diamonds, very specific angles. This results in a fixed gemstone height, which must be taken into account in the ring profile height of your Mokume Gane wedding rings. Furthermore, the outer curvature of your Mokume Gane wedding rings cannot be chosen too strongly, otherwise, especially with square stones, the stone will have to be set too deeply in the ladies ring.

The Mokume Gane wedding rings Eyong play elegantly with the contrast between the lively structures of the Mokume Gane and a simple sideliner in palladium and yellow gold. The simple element can also be designed with palladium/red gold, or monochrome in platinum or palladium, yellow gold or red gold. Just as your personal color preferences are. In addition to the many possibilities of setting single diamonds in the ladies ring, single or multiple lines of small diamonds can also be set here. Likewise, a longitudinal line of diamonds can be incorporated here as in the Bongosi rings. Let your imagination run wild. We are happy to implement your ideas for you. Translated with (free version)

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