Great pendant in Mokume Gane with individual engraving

Today we were allowed to finish a wonderful Mokume Gane pendant for one of our customers. Together with the customer master goldsmith Markus Wiesner worked out the concept.

In the same materials and patterns as Mokume Gane wedding rings were made before, first a ring made of yellow gold, palladium and silver was welded and forged.

However, instead of forming the ring as such, it was formed into a flat disc. As the engraving pattern also required the space inside the Mokume Gane ring, the centre was closed with a round plate in 750 yellow gold. To complete the pendant it was then given a loop in palladium to be able to wear the pre-selected chain.

Our master engraver then engraved the pendant in hand engraving. Although the already vivid pattern of the Mokume Gane structures attracts the eye, the shine of the hand engraving, which is created by cutting out the metal, allows the ornamentation to show itself very clearly.

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