Stories from the workshop | Repair of a Mokume Gane ring made by others

Mokume Gane wedding ring | lost diamond

From time to time we experience customers visiting us who have had some bad luck with their Mokume Gane wedding rings. Be they from our workshop, or like here from a foreign production. In this ladies ring, which is surrounded by diamonds, a stone has been lost. Of course this can happen in rare cases and for different reasons. Either the diamond has received a blow in everyday use and is broken, which is very likely with this ring, as the setting shows no damage. Or the setting of exactly this one stone might have been a bit too tight, so that the stone fell out when it was shaken. Here we are expecting the expert analysis of our jewellery setter shortly.

Complaint | guarantee or bad luck?

The customer who brought us her ring for repair had of course first contacted the manufacturer of her Mokume Gane wedding rings. A large, high-turnover company with location goodwill. However, she was not welcomed there with great joy. We find the proposed solutions for the repair of the lost diamond, which were made to the ladies there, interesting. First of all, for the replacement of a diamond, apparently all the stones should be removed and set anew, which was estimated at a cost of around 400 euros. When asked whether this was not a guarantee case, it was to be even more expensive. An expert whose fee of around 300 euros would also have to be paid by the wedding ring customer should decide whether or not it is a guarantee case.

The solution

It is expected that the replacement of the diamond with a size of 0.01 carat in TW vsi quality will cost a maximum of 100 euros. This includes the setting of a new diamond, as well as a complete revision of the ring in our workshop. It is not necessary to set and re-set the complete 52 stones.


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