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Precious Metals


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Precious Metals


White gold

Discover the history and significance of white gold, an almost colorless gold alloy that was developed in Pforzheim in 1912/13 as a cost-effective substitute for platinum. White gold is produced by adding metals such as palladium, nickel or silver and is characterized by its tarnish-resistant, elegant appearance. Ideal for jewelry pieces that show off colorless diamonds, white gold is one of the most popular choices in the jewelry industry today.


Learn about the fascinating history of platinum, a rare and corrosion-resistant precious metal that has been known since 3000 BC. Today indispensable in the jewelry industry, platinum impresses with its hardness, density and elegance. Discover why platinum is more expensive than gold despite its lower price per ounce and why it is so popular with bridal couples and jewelry lovers.


Learn about the fascinating history of palladium, which was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803. Palladium, known for its corrosion resistance and high strength, is prized in the jewelry industry for wedding bands, engagement rings and mokume gane technology. Discover the unique properties of this precious metal, its extraction from nickel and copper ores and its role as a hypoallergenic material in high-quality jewelry alloys such as white gold.

Green gold

Green gold is a special gold alloy with a greenish shimmer that is created by a special atomic ratio of gold to silver. This alloy is occasionally used in jewelry making, especially for elaborate designs such as mokume gane wedding rings.

Gold / fine gold

Learn all about fine gold, the pure gold used in jewelry making. Discover the history, alloys and versatile applications of this fascinating precious metal. From classic wedding rings and luxury jewelry to the mokume gane technique, fine gold remains a timeless symbol of beauty and durability. Perfect for jewelry lovers and design enthusiasts alike.

Red gold

Discover the fascinating world of red gold, a unique gold alloy made from fine gold, copper and silver. Find out more about its composition, the variety of shades and its many uses in jewelry making. Explore the regional popularity and historical names of this reddish gold alloy. You will also learn valuable tips on the care and maintenance of your red gold jewelry. Be inspired by the timeless elegance and individual beauty that red gold has to offer. Perfect for jewelry lovers and design enthusiasts alike.

Yellow gold

Discover the classic elegance of yellow gold, a bright yellow gold alloy made from fine gold, silver and copper. Find out more about its composition, color variations and versatile applications in jewelry making. Yellow gold remains the most popular gold color worldwide and symbolizes luxury, tradition and timeless beauty. Perfect for jewelry lovers and design enthusiasts alike.

Mokume Gane - Technique of the masters

Mokume Gane is a traditional Japanese forging technique dating back to the 17th century, in which different metals are fused in layers to create unique, wood grain-like patterns. This technique is often used in jewelry such as wedding rings. The combination of metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium creates robust and aesthetically pleasing unique pieces. Mokume Gane reflects the Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in simplicity and imperfection and is now popular with artists and metalsmiths worldwide.


Learn more about the versatility and history of silver, a shiny precious metal that plays a central role in minting coins, jewelry making and many other applications. Discover the different silver alloys, how to care for silver jewelry and the fascinating mokume gane technique. Perfect for jewelry lovers and history buffs alike.
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