Ring Changes for Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

Is it possible to change the ring width of Mokume Gane wedding rings?

Many people think that you cannot change the width of Mokume Gane rings. This is not correct. Wiesner Mokume Gane wedding rings can be widened or narrowed by any experienced Mokume Gane goldsmith. For this purpose, a procedure is used which is already applied during the production of your wedding rings. Of course, the surface has to be reworked afterwards, as is the case with many classic wedding rings.

Never take your Mokume Gane wedding rings to a goldsmith or jeweller who is not familiar with Mokume Gane. There is a risk that they will try to stretch the rings or saw them open to remove or insert parts. If the rings are stretched, they may crack, and if they are sawn open, the beautiful pattern will be partially lost, or the rings will lose their symbolic character of endlessness.

Mokume Gane wedding rings are made by us in a traditional way by slitting and splicing in order to preserve this symbolic character. For more detailed questions, simply send us a short email with your telephone number. We will be happy to call you back. You can also contact Mr. Michael Wiesner directly at +49 (0) 7062 22991 for a consultation.

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