Mokume Gane wedding rings with symbolic power of infinity

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Master Goldsmith Markus Wiesner

forges your Mokume Gane wedding rings exclusively with the symbolic power of endlessness. This has long been standard for classic wedding rings. The basis for this is the very elaborate forging technique of splicing and spiking the Mokume Gane material. This is the only way to create rings and wedding rings whose pattern can be seen around the ring without any interruption or solder joint. We call this method also the seamless technique.

Besides the beautiful symbolism this technique offers further advantages. Band rings, as the rings soldered with butt joint are called in the technical language, show the already mentioned unsightly pattern interruption of the Mokume Gane. In addition, small pores often appear in the solder joint, or the colour of the solder clearly stands out from the actual colours of the Mokume Gane wedding rings.

Furthermore, this solder joint is very likely to break open if the width of the rings changes later. A repair is still possible by an experienced Mokume Gane blacksmith, but not without a significant change of the Mokume Gane pattern. In the following we show you two pictures of so-called band rings (with solder joint) of a foreign manufacturer, which we received for revision.

video: Wiesner Mokume Gane wedding rings in seamless technique

Mokume Gane wedding rings with clear solder joint | band rings with pattern interruption

Pores in the solder joint of Mokume Gane wedding rings without seamless technique