Zodiac jewellery by Wiesner - The goldsmiths

The zodiac sign jewellery of "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" was conceived and developed by Michael Wiesner in 2004. The aim was to create pieces of zodiac sign jewellery without the well-known, kitschy, pictorial representations of the zodiac signs. For this reason the respective signs of the zodiac are expressed with the constellations known from astronomy, as we can see them in the sky. For each star of a constellation there is a small diamond, which is carefully handcrafted into the precious metal of the jewelry. For better visualization, the connecting lines, also known from astronomy, are worked into the precious metal in fine chasing work. The collection of star sign jewelry from "Wiesner - Die Goldschmiede" currently includes the categories rings, pendants, or necklaces, and bracelets. The design of ear studs, or ear jewelry in general, we have so far refrained from, because these pieces of jewelry, due to their size necessary for the representation of the constellations, would receive too much weight. The wearing comfort would be very limited. However, there is the possibility that we will find a solution for this in the near future.


High quality individual pieces of jewellery with a personal touch - discover our unique zodiac sign jewellery!

For each zodiac sign the right piece of jewellery

Proud like a lion or sensitive like an aquarius - with us, goldsmiths Wiesner you will find a suitable piece of jewellery for every sign of the zodiac. Our noble zodiac sign jewellery collection ranges from classic rings to filigree bracelets and elegant pendants. Each of our exclusive pieces of jewellery is decorated with a zodiac sign, which is based on the sparkling constellations as you can admire them on a cloudless night sky. It is tastefully and originally designed and therefore the zodiac sign jewellery can be worn with an elegant dress as well as with a sporty look.

Our zodiac sign jewellery: lovingly handcrafted to perfection

Our zodiac sign jewellery was created in 2004 out of an idea and passion. We at goldsmiths Wiesner wanted to create zodiac sign jewellery for our customers, which emphasises the elegance and high quality of the individual pieces of jewellery.

Like the stars in the sky, our zodiac sign jewellery sparkles. For each star of a constellation a small diamond is set into the high-quality precious metal in the rings, bracelets and pendants of our zodiac sign collection. This is done by hand with great care. The typical connecting lines are also worked into the constellation in the finest detail and with the finest chasing work. Thus the constellation becomes the discreet highlight of the various pieces of jewellery.

Individuality in our jewellery categories

Our zodiac sign jewellery collection consists of three different categories. In the categories Zodiac sign rings, Zodiac sign pendants and Zodiac sign bracelets you can easily choose the precious metal in which the constellation is framed.

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